Art for children is a series of books about various artists.  With a 3D building plate in each book.  #nightwatch #Rembrandt #vanGogh

Art for Children: about the Night Watch

It can hardly have escaped your notice that 2019 is Rembrandt’s year. At the end of February, a large exhibition started in the Rijksmuseum and the ‘Project Rembrandt’ series started on TV. At the beginning of this year, on a study-free day for Job, we visited the Rijksmuseum and, of course, admired Rembrandt’s Night Watch. …

Is your child depressed?  This is how you recognize the symptoms + book tip

Is your child depressed? How to recognize depression

Childhood isn’t all roses and flowers for everyone. Is your child depressed? About 5-7% of primary school children experience depression. Boys and girls have an equal chance, but boys often express themselves differently than girls. Boys can become aggressive, girls often withdraw. As a result, boys often notice that something is wrong. Recently I had …