What is Anti Aging Diet? How should the diet be?

Anti aging diet is known among the people as anti aging diet. Since its existence, humanity has been in constant search of beauty in order to delay the elixir of immortality and aging. To do this, they have carried out millions, even billions of experiments and developed products. The development of cosmetics and its development into a branch actually go back centuries. Despite these products and the search, it is not enough just to use these products and aesthetic interventions to make them age. In addition, the type of food consumed directly and seriously affects the aging process in humans.

The aging process begins with the shortening of telomeres, which are biologically found in the DNA structure of the human body. The most important factor in telomeres shortening is the age-related decrease in the activity of the telomerase enzyme. With advancing age, the proportions of fat, muscle and bone tissue decrease. Gravity, genetic factors, and adverse environmental conditions are factors that directly affect aging.

  • According to the studies, the diets and supplements used under the control of doctors and nutritionists in the United States were found to be less carcinogenic. In addition, regular exercise, a Mediterranean and low-calorie diet, antioxidant foods, a strong social environment all have positive effects on telomere length, and a calorie restriction extends the lifespan of mice by 40%.

Extensive research on calorie restriction or dietary restriction; clearly demonstrated that delaying the rate of aging makes it possible to both increase life expectancy and extend maximum life span. He continued his work to confirm and expand on these results and to prevent possible mechanisms by which calorie restriction could alter biological aging. Calorie restriction extends life expectancy by 30-40% when started in early adulthood and about 20% when started in early middle age. A diet is not a “bad” diet as long as it maintains adequate levels of essential nutrients, but a healthy, low-calorie diet. Calorie restriction; While delaying the occurrence of many age-related diseases and disabilities such as cancer, immune system, survival, cognitive decline, muscle strength loss, and cataracts, it slows aging. It also reduces oxidative stress and the damage it causes. Hence portion control with expert guidance; It is very important to ensure that you have an adequate and balanced diet.

When evaluating the effect of foods on aging, foods rich in antioxidants are considered. The most common method used to evaluate antioxidants is the oxygen uptake capacity (ORAC) of this food.

Looking at the ORAC value, the plant foods are each high in antioxidant value;

1 – plums (5500)
2 – raisins (2500)
3 – blueberries (2400)
4 – Blackberry / Raspberry (2000) 100 grams contain 4-6 g of fiber. This rate; higher than high fiber fruits like bananas, pears, and apples.
5 – strawberry (1500)
6 – Spinach (1250)
7 – Cabbage (900)
8 – Red Pepper 700) (Vitamin C Shop)
9 – cauliflower (600)
10 – onion (450)

Animal foods are high in antioxidant value;

1 – omega-3 fatty acids (salmon, sardines, mackerel)

2 – conjugelinoleic acid (abundant in ruminant meat and milk)

3 – Prebiotics are listed as Probiotics and Symbiotics.

Besides these; Animal and plant-based foods rich in vitamins A, C and E support the immune system and are effective in keeping the body more resilient, healthier and young.

The effect of water and exercise on aging

In addition to these substances, water and exercise are very important factors in removing toxins from our body. Along with antioxidant foods, it should be arranged so that there is a half-full stomach, regular exercise, and an average of 2-3 liters of water per day. At the same time, experts recommend planning the body’s water requirements at 30-40 ml per kilogram.

The effect of regular sleep on aging

The hormones that the human body releases during the day and the hormones that are released at night are different. It is known that the hormone melatonin, which is released between 11 p.m. and 3 a.m. at night, has an influence on fat burning. For this reason, regular sleep is essential for the fat burning mechanism to work.


With the change in working conditions and living standards, stress has started to occupy a very large place in human life. Stress, which occupies such a large place in human life, has a huge impact on aging. In such cases, protecting the body from external influences by coping with stress is one of the ways to stay young and happy.

  • As a result; It should not be forgotten that health is the foundation for strength, longevity and happiness.

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