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Aging is the process from the womb to the end of life. Physiological and physical changes that occur throughout life but are not due to disease. The WHO (World Health Organization) states that the person must be 65 years or older to define the term “older”. The age periods are; It classifies the age group 65-74 as “late adulthood”, the age group 75-84 as “old age” and the age group over 85 as “advanced age”.

Depending on normal age, various changes in body anatomy, organs and functions occur. In addition, lifestyle changes can occur due to physical and environmental factors. Examples include being alone due to the loss of a spouse, the restriction of social life, and financial inadequacy.

Importance of nutrition in old age
the diet; Its effectiveness in treating, preventing, or delaying various diseases that occur in old age is well known. With age, illnesses, injuries and the individual’s energy needs can increase. Especially in those cases that increase energy expenditure, the formation of malnutrition leads to a problem known as chronic nutritional deficiency. Human malnutrition increases the incidence of diseases (especially chronic diseases) and the death rate from disease.

Illnesses, drug use, antisocial lifestyle, physiological and psychological changes are the main factors influencing diet in old age. These changes, which occur naturally with age, can be experienced more comfortably and in a more controlled manner with a few basic elements that an individual should be aware of. These elements are regular physical activity, restriction / elimination of smoking and alcohol consumption as well as the planning and implementation of a needs-based diet. However, it should not be forgotten that the human diet should be adjusted / restricted according to various criteria, especially in the case of cardiovascular diseases and kidney / liver diseases, especially sugar / insulin intolerance and high blood pressure, which increase with age.

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